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About us

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A family business in fresh
de Groot fresh group, since 1930, has grown into a leading international family business in fruit and vegetables. With more than 80 colleagues and various areas of expertise, we offer a specialised assortment every day of the highest quality in terms of freshness, taste and service.

We do this with a focus on innovative developments in the industry, a guaranteed quality through modern and sustainable solutions and dealing with our relations and employees with care and attention. This makes the ninety years ‘young’ de Groot fresh group a reliable partner with a passion for fruit and vegetables and a central focus on service to our customers. It is for this reason that our motto is; ‘We do what we say and say what we do’.

We are de Groot, nice to meet you!

A bit of history

1st generation

In the 1930s, Willem de Groot started a trade in potatoes, vegetables and fruit from his home in Kerkdriel. About twenty years later, Willem bought a horse cart called ‘De Kleine Winst’ (The Small Profit) with which he could supply the local market with fresh produce.

2nd generation

In the 1950s, second generation Leonard and Marius de Groot started working in the family business. The company name was soon changed to ‘De Groot & Zn BV’. In 1972 Willem died, after which the brothers Leonard and Marius took over the helm under the name Gebr. De Groot BV.

3rd generation

In 1983, the third generation de Groot joined the family business. In 1984 the company moves to a new building in Hedel with William. In 1986 brother Ben also joins the company.

The focus of the company is becoming more international and the company name is changed to de Groot International BV. When Leonard de Groot retires early in 1991, Marius and his two sons William and Ben form the new management. In 2005, Opa Marius retires from the company to enjoy his retirement.

4th generation

In 2007 the fourth generation Maik joined the family business. At the beginning of 2019, William ceases his directional activities to make room for the new generation. From 2020, Maik complements the board of de Groot fresh group and we are ready for the future with all employees. On to 100 years! Together with you!

Working at de Groot

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