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de Groot fresh group, the partner for an assortment of fruit and vegetables tailored to the customer since the 1930s. We happily take you with us in our passion for this. With a total of 40,000 m2 of conditioned floor space and a worldwide representation in the production countries, we ensure a continuous supply of the best quality products.

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In combination with our many years of experience and excellent service, we serve a large part of the retail market to the full satisfaction of our customers. Together with the very best suppliers, we provide the best products with the tastiest flavours.

Our service goes beyond just supplying the finest fruit and vegetables. Consider, for example, the packaging and ripening of fruit, a delivery performance of 99.9%, quality and taste monitoring of all our products, packaging, planning and transport and chain management.

Fair Business

Fair Business is a common thread within de Groot fresh group. The certification, such as Fairtrade, IFS and BIO continually reaffirms how we strive to be. And only for 90 years already! Good for the growing regions, the suppliers and its employees, sustainable in our implementation and responsible with our waste flows. That way we keep the chain healthy!

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