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All under one roof

de Groot fresh group distinguishes itself with its specialties, which has created an intercontinental network in fruit and vegetables with all facilities under one roof.


de Groot fresh group is specialised in the ripening of avocados, bananas and other exotics. Our ripening facilities have the most modern techniques to ensure that the ripening process runs as optimally as possible according to the customer’s wishes. Our product managers keep a close eye on the process on a daily basis and things such as temperature and quality are checked. We are therefore able to provide our customers with a product tailored to their personal wishes with the right taste and shelf life.

Packing Centre

The most modern packing centre offers you various packaging options. Small or large packaging, with or without your own brand label and barcode, it is all possible. Thanks to our continuous innovation and improvement, quality and freshness are guaranteed and your wishes are optimally met. By closely following developments and making investments, in which our employees are central, we continue to improve our packaging and delivery systems. With this high degree of efficiency, we ensure high productivity. So that you as a customer can take full advantage of the products of de Groot and you can provide your customers with richly stocked shelves.


Quality and food safety are of paramount importance at de Groot fresh group. It goes without saying that we have advanced and certified quality management systems and we comply with laws and regulations with regard to food safety. Thanks to these systems, we deliver a good product every day, with taste and quality appropriate to the season. Thanks to this professional monitoring of product quality and safety, the company is ahead of its time and de Groot fresh group has the best suppliers from all countries. So that we always go for the very best quality and taste experience.

Taste test result


de Groot has its own laboratory. Various tests and assessments take place here every day, including taste, colour and residues. We can provide the corresponding customer-specific tests immediately. We always aim for optimal taste, quality, shelf life and appearance!


The food safety system is certified according to IFS Food and concerns the trade, the ripening of bananas and the packaging of fruit and vegetables. The quality of the products at de Groot fresh group meets the marketing standards as drawn up by the European Union. These marketing standards can be found at: www.kcb.nl. We also regularly check matters such as ensuring a safe working environment and proper accommodation for the staff of our suppliers. We call this fair business and it is present as a common thread within the Groot fresh group. Good for the growing regions, the suppliers and its employees, sustainable in our implementation and responsible with our waste flows. That way we keep the chain healthy! In this way, a tasty banana also remains a good banana.

We are in possession of the following certification:

» BIO Certificaat de Groot international

» Fairtrade Certificaat de Groot international

» Rainforest Alliance Certificaat de Groot international

» AEO Certificaat de Groot international

» IFS Certificaat de Groot international

» RIK Certificaat de Groot international

» CoC Certificaat de Groot international

» RIK Certificaat de Groot fruit & vegetables

» IFS Certificaat de Groot fruit & vegetables

» CoC Certificaat de Groot fruit & vegetables

» MPS-ECAS Certificaat de Groot fruit & vegetables

Suppliers are expected to hold a valid certificate from a GFSI approved food safety system (BRC, IFS, SQF) or GlobalGAP.


As a logistics service provider, de Groot fresh group delivers tailor-made solutions for the customer. An independent transport company that specialises in transporting fresh products under controlled conditions and with the Lean and Green Star. Sustainable modern trucks and trailers are used to deliver our customers’ products quickly, reliably and at the right temperature to the desired destination. As a result, we are also environmentally conscious, so our lime is double-green!

The location in Hedel, close to s’-Hertogenbosch, offers many advantages. Due to its location directly on the A2 motorway, we are directly connected to one of the logistical arteries of North- West Europe.

In addition, we can offer a variety of logistics services such as conditioned and unconditioned storage, cross-docking, stock management, customs clearance, PD inspections and quality controls. We also take care of the packaging of your product.


The service of de Groot fresh group extends beyond our national borders. We take care of all the papers necessary for the proper import and export of our products.


With de Groot fresh group you can always count on sound advice, good service and the best products available at that time. We are happy to assist you!

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