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With the sale of the Cuisinesse vine tomato, we are adding a very nice all-round tomato to our own brand Don Mario Eat Now in collaboration with the Hoogstraten cooperative. It is a tomato that is suitable for all our national and international customers and that we can use in both food retail and the food service channel.

In addition to the Cuisinesse, together with Coöperatie Hoogstraten, we also produce various special tomatoes under the same flag. We have the elongated San Marzano, plum cherry tomato Bellino, a colorful Party Mix, cherry vine tomatoes Cherry Star and the Coeur de Boeuf with its special appearance.




Available all year round.


Cuisinesse truss tomato - 5 kg, Cherry prime mixed colors - 4 kg, Cherry prime red - 4 kg, Cherry Star small trusses - 3 kg, Cocktail vine tomato - 3 kg. Other packaging options on request.

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